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Get that book out of your head
& into the world

What Will It Feel Like When You Become A

Published Author?

Who will you inspire?

What difference could you make?

What opportunities will arise?

I am opening up the space to work with writers who know they are here to make a difference with their words and are ready to step-the-fuck up and take action.!

I will be honoured to work with you in the role of writing mentor, purpose coach and literary consultant...

Along with the practical self-publishing knowledge I offer, you may find the journey of authentic authoring is one of shedding the old and aligning with a new empowered version of YOU, and this process is super-powered with an experienced coach at your side.

We will get your creative juices flowing and kill your inner critic, so you can finally write WHAT you want to write, HOW you want to write it, and connect with exactly WHO needs to read it...

I will show you not only that it CAN be done... but that it can be done BY YOU...

We will work together to break through every one of your blocks...
To soothe the overwhelm that stops you from even starting...

The smash the perfectionism that shows up as procrastination...

To conquer the fear that stops you from stepping into your truth and being seen as an author...

I will help you speak your truth fearlessly and authentically, 

Show you how to align with your soul-purpose writing,

And to allow the message inside of you to shine forth freely and powerfully.

Not only that....

I will also support you with ALL the fiddly bits and pieces involved with self-publishing...

Editors, formatters, cover designers, pricing, launching - and all that 'important' stuff. 

Coaching Packages can Include:

  • Exercises to find (and own) your authentic voice
  • Specific techniques to identify and communicate directly to your ideal reader
  • Designing a book cover that embodies your message & speaks to your readers
  • Crafting the perfect title that will do justice to your message
  • Strategies for running a successful book launch to bestseller on Amazon
  • Inbuilt marketing techniques that will mean your book sells everyday
  • Access to my personal Rolodex of self-publishing ninjas and gurus
  • And more, soooo much more!!

My Super Power... helping you smash the shitty resistances that have prevented you speaking your message...  and turning your overwhelm into ease and flow and joy.

I believe in being real... I think allowing yourself to be seen is the most powerful way to get your true message out to the people who need it most. 

I live this truth every day!

Over the past 8 years I have mentored hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, helping them to get their message out, make their mark, and make a difference. 

And what I can tell you is that the journey of authentic authoring is one of self-discovery and levelling-up as much as it is writing.

In the last 3 years I have written and self published 3 books that have all became international number one bestsellers.

Every single day I sell multiple books to people in countries all over the world. 

I get emails and online reviews and personal messages all the time, telling me what a difference I have made, how I have helped transform someones life...

I use my skills as a copywritier and my marketing and sales knowledge along with 'flow-based' writing techniques to create a unique system that I call Authentic Authoring & Soul-Aligned Self-Publishing.

And if you need help with the business building side of authoring, I can support you with opt-in offers, landing pages and systems to build your business beyond the book...

Whatever area of your authoring journey you need direction on, I can offer experienced and aligned support to you so that you can write your truth and set free your message..

I have helped authors and entrepreneurs...

...traverse the self-editing desert...

...cut a path to success through the jungle...

...keep their head above the murky water of book-marketing...

& come out the other side - proud, self-published authors...


Buying a coaching package with Kylie was the best investment I made writing my book. Kylie generously shares her knowledge, her experiences and wisdom.

Her easy going personality and relatable style makes it easy to open up to her and let her guide you to the answers and solutions to your questions and road blocks. 

Kylie manages to motivate, support and inspire in every session, she is great asking the right questions to help you figure out your next step. I am sticking with her through the whole process from writing to publishing and marketing. 

Couldn't do it without her."

Agi Kadar - Author: Are You a Gym Mouse?

If your'e looking for a coach that gives you really clear and helpful advice, guidance and direction, and simplifies what seems complicated, I highly recommend using the coaching services of Kylie Ansett.

She is straight to the point and helps you make sense of  things when you're stuck on something, she is sweet, knows her stuff and has a wickedly funny sense of humour.  

As a #1 Best-selling Author, and with her experience in business marketing and coaching,

absolutely recommend  Kylie as a coach/mentor!

Melita Vlatko-Rulo  - Author: Thrive as A Woman & A Mother

Kylie is a super coach, bright, savvy, and very well informed about the book writing process. 

It feels like having your favorite sister holding your hand and believing in you and that she has your back. She puts things into perspective.

Kylie especially helped me through the many stages of the launch.

Jeanette Martin  - Author: Write Your Book At 50

Authentic Authoring

It's about speaking your truth fearlessly.

It's about stepping up to the next mother-fucking level.
It's about learning what self-publishing step to focus on - and when.

And its about getting the results you want!

Coaching Package Inclusions:

  • 1 on 1 laser coaching - so called because these sessions are no-fluff, no BS, and straight to the point. My super-power is being able to cut right to the heart of the issue. This is not hand holding, shooting the breeze - this is LASER focused on GETTING RESULTS!
    I know what it takes to write and self-publish a book and all the steps it takes.
    These sessions are often highly directional, practical and actionable, but also, sometimes what is needed is a swift kick in the pants....
    I keep it real and (with your permission) show you where and how you may not showing up, not owning it, how you are playing small and not truly shining your light as I know you want to.
    After thousands of hours of coaching sessions, I know how to read people's energy. I can see what the issue is in seconds, even if you can't (especially if you can't), and I will encourage you to face it so you can move through and over it.
    Sometimes these sessions can be confronting, but they are always transformational.
    This is why your author coaching can become of a life coaching session; we get right to the heart of the matter and we get there fast. This is the journey of authentic authoring!

  • Unlimited access to me via audio coaching - this is one that my clients absolutely LOVE. Any question or even an insight that you have, you are able to ask or share.... Using the Voxer app we can communicate any time anywhere... This can be so powerful, as things often come up at a time that you need an answer without waiting for your scheduled coaching session.

  • Copywriting tear-downs - as a highly paid copywriter I know what words to use to paint a picture and get results...
    I will take any piece you have written and make a recorded critique on it, with the objective that it reflects your authentic voice, connects with your ideal reader, whilst also getting the results you are after.
    Most popular items to put up for coppywriting tear-down are:
    • book blurb/descriptio
    • The introduction
    • Your author bio

  • Lifetime access to all programs I release- If you have followed me for any time you know that I love to create! Not just my written books, but my author training programs. I usually create a new one at least every month or so. Past examples include:
    • Book Launch Bootcamp
    • Find Your Passion
    • Author Mind mapping masterclass
    • Irresistible Opt-in offer's for Authors
    • And many more!


Author Focus

1 month package

4 x 1 on 1 laser coaching sessions 

Weekly audio coaching

Investment: $1,000 (save $100)

(payment plan available - click for details)

Book in a Box

3 month package

12 x 1 on 1 laser coaching sessions 

Unlimited audio coaching

Investment: $2,500 (save $780)

(payment plan available - click for details)

Blank page to Bestseller

6 month package

24 x 1 on 1 laser coaching sessions 

Unlimited audio coaching

1 x Copywriting tear-down

Investment: $5.000  (save $1,600)

(payment plan available - click for details)

The Writer's Journey

12 month package

48 x 1 on 1 laser coaching sessions

Unlimited audio coaching

4 x Copywriting tear-downs

Lifetime access to all programs I create in that time

Investment: $11,000 (save $2,200)

(payment plan available - click for details)

Interested in just a one off session? Contact me for details!

It's time to get that book out of your head (& heart) and into the world!

Keeping on track with my editing was the hardest part.

Having Kylie as my coach to not only hold me accountable, but to occasionally question how the process was going, made me evaluate what I was doing through fresh eyes, and helped me to make sure I was always heading in the right direction.

Sheena Witner - Soon to be Author

Kylie is a great coach and really helped me over the line with my book publishing deadline. 

She was very supportive regarding the hurdles that cropped up on the final stretch of the process. 

If you are task oriented and self motivated then Kylie would be a really good fit for you, as she will give you the extra encouragement and knowledge that you need to finish your book and get it published.

Karen Kertesz  - Author: Win Back Your TIme

Along with a  lot of general support during my book launch Kylie coached me through a vital part of my book process – deciding on the perfect subtitle.

As an obviously experienced coach I found her extremely knowledgeable and resourceful as well as very friendly and reassuring. 

I was really pleased with the results I got working with Kylie 

I would definitely recommend her as a writing coach. 

Jenny Clift  - Author: The Music Inside

I have been honoured to work with all these beautiful writers,

and I can't wait to support you in your authentic authoring journey too!

If you feel it's time to get serious... serious as fuck...

To finally do something about that nagging desire to write a book...

If getting your message out simply CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER...

...if this speaks to you.... 

If my energy, my vibe, my message and my way of doing life excites you...

If you feel called to work with me...

IF you just KNOW we can make magic together...

If you are willing to stop questioning yourself, stop doubting and worrying...

TO drop the mindset that says 'I can't'...

Let me hold the space for you to shine!

Because, if not now then when?

If not you then who?

THIS is YOUR chance to make a difference...

This IS your time...

Time to take action and start your writer's journey.

So very excited to get started working with you!

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